How to conquer emotionally driven binge eating
without restrictive dieting, emotional overwhelm, or self sabotage

Your step-by-step self-paced plan to knowing what drives your eating behaviors and how to solve the issue once and for all so you can eat or not eat whatever you want WITHOUT GUILT! 
Full food freedom! Let's do it!


This method of recovery is transformative! It is exactly what I did to recover from a 35 year eating disorder that left me bulimic. I will hold your hand every step of the way. This is a highly immersive, high touch program that includes strategy, practical help, neurolinguistics, and some energy work. It's amazing!

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Our Approach

Module One: Mindset

By the end of this module, you are going to have a crystal clear understanding of:

❣️ Why you eat
❣️ What is going on in your brain and how to change it
❣️ How you can see your journey differently
❣️ Who is to blame ..... OK, spoiler alert - it's no-one! Not even you!

Module Two: Structure

Jam packed full of life-changing and FUN activities for you!

❣️ The what, when, how's of eating
❣️ What self-care truly is and how to make it effective
❣️ Heaps of activities to bring you alive
❣️ How to soothe yourself without food
❣️ Non-food reward systems (gotta have rewards!)

Module Three: Emotions

Where the rubber hits the road! You will be able to:

❣️ Identify and address the emotions that hold you back
❣️ Find out something amazingly cool things about yourself
❣️ Become best buds with your inner voice
❣️ Know how to get back up after a slip (it's gonna happen!)
❣️ Defeat self sabotage once and for all!

* 16 Live 60-minute teaching & coaching zoom sessions
* Comprehensive 4-month Curriculum
* Step by step, short videos  
* Downloadable 92-page Full color workbook  
* Private F.B. Community  
* My personal feedback on your work  
* 3 Deep Dive Intensives  
* Self-care guide  
* Inspirational quote deck
* Questions Ecard deck  
* Individual Eating Plan Assistance

As this is a digital product, no refunds are offered. You are committing to being ALL IN - and I commit to being ALL IN for you!

Laurette is a Licensed Neurolinguistic Programming Associate Practitioner and certified Life Coach. She specializes in emotional issues, abuse recovery, and eating disorders. Having come from a background of abuse and bulimia, Laurette knows what it's like to feel lost and stuck in despair. That is why she is now so passionate at helping women reconnect to who they truly are, and then allowing that inner glow to heal them from the inside out.